Opening Up the Reagan Files

The Reagan Files: Inside the National Security Council (2nd Edition) is a highly satisfying fix for even the most avid Reagan addict.  Jason Saltoun-Ebin’s written documentary is an exhaustive compilation, provided with help from staffers at the Reagan Presidential Library, of recently declassified conversations between President Reagan and  his National Security team.  The conversations, which begin just days after his 1981 inauguration and conclude with a final conversation between Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in December of 1988, make The Regan Files a time machine that transports the reader back to a prescient era of hair-trigger dangers in a ramped up nuclear world. Many related transcripts remain classified to this date.  Nevertheless, Saltoun-Ebin, the abridging editor and author, offers the reader a navigable journey into the inner workings of Reagan’s National Security Council (NSC) by adding section introductions to provide...(Read Full Article)