Oliver Stone and 'Jewish Domination'

In a recent interview, Oliver Stone, defender of Marxist thugs, complained that “Jewish domination of the media” prevents Americans from putting the Holocaust in context.  Stone also opined that Hitler was the product of industrialists and that the Nazi invasion of Russia caused more deaths than the Holocaust.  In one fell swoop, Stone revealed the Orwellian thought control that is the black heart of leftism. The Holocaust was a crime of almost unimaginable human suffering, and if Stone’s remarks were intended to remind us that Polish Catholics and Gypsies, particularly, suffered genocide at Nazi hands as well, then perhaps Stone has a point.  That, however, is not what he means.  In fact, Stone seems utterly indifferent to human suffering caused by socialist totalitarian regimes like Nazi Germany. The dull old tale that “industrialists” brought Hitler to power is Bolshevik invention – an ironic lie because, as the famous...(Read Full Article)