Obama's Glorious Ahead and Behind Leadership

Leadership from President Barack Obama?  Oh, you betcha -- in two flavors.  At home, we’ve got the prez’s vigorous lead from ahead approach, designed to “transform” America into declining socialist Europe.  There’s much historic progress on that front.  Overseas, Mr. Obama provides... shall we say, less vigorous leadership from behind, which has met with spectacular success, but as of late has caused the usually reliably Obama-shilling Washington Post to go skittish.  Together, Mr. Obama’s leadership approaches are assuredly transforming America into something that’s not America, diminished here and overseas.  In fact, whether the prez leads from ahead, behind, or somewhere in-between, he imperils the nation.  But a little imperiling is a small price to pay for whittling down the U.S., isn’t it?  W’s Cowboy America was overdue for a whittling.  Mr. Obama is the whittler we...(Read Full Article)