No, Don't Ban the Bossy

“Ban the Bossy", a campaign overseen by former Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, is the new feminist push.  The implication of the “Ban the Bossy” campaign is that girls and women are getting criticized because they are female, rather than because they are (some of them) occasionally rude, just like men can easily be. It all went wrong in the 1970s when feminist leaders picked male jerks as their role models.  Feminists did not copy behavior that men admire in other men or behavior that stimulates cooperation and encourages other men to follow leadership.  Instead, feminists used the worst of men as models.  For decades, feminism has been teaching women to act like the scoundrels whom other men don’t like.  Women then wonder why reactions are not as desired. ‘Bossy’ behavior is bad whether by women or men.   But feminists have made a mess of American society and culture. ...(Read Full Article)