How 'My Brother's Keeper' Stands to Destroy Already Bad Schools

Though the Obama presidency has years to go, he has already initiated his legacy project. It’s called My Brother’s Keeper and attempts to help “at risk” young men of color – those prone to crime, mayhem, drug addiction, and fathering illegitimate children.  Clearly a worthy cause, and it has already attracted $150 million in private support.  The goal also seems reasonable, since unruly young men (regardless of color) have long troubled society and cures abound thanks to eons of experience. That’s the good news.  The bad news is that Obama’s putative cure is a modern-day Progressive nightmare.  It will fail while further generating government make-work jobs, and most importantly, it will hurt the education of millions of minority children. This awaiting nightmare is hardly hidden, and tellingly, everything starts with more government jobs.   A presidential task force, chaired by the cabinet secretary,...(Read Full Article)