The Media, not Racism, Turned the South Republican

Every couple years, the next “crucial” election for our nation’s future arrives like clockwork.  And like clockwork, liberals and Democrats begin attacking the Republican Party for its “racist” record on race. One of the most popular attack has been on the GOP’s racist “Southern strategy.”  As the popular belief goes, Democrats’ focus on civil rights in the 1960s cost them the racist white Southern vote, beginning in 1968 with Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign.  Republicans, meanwhile, successfully courted those disaffected whites with a strategy based on racial animus. Liberals know that happened. The media know that happened. Democrats know that happened. Even conservatives and Republicans know that happened. One problem, though: it never happened. Like much of what people think happened in American history (George Washington and the cherry tree, FDR rescuing the nation from the Great...(Read Full Article)