In Thirty Years, Flynt Hasn't Moved -- the Public Has

After interviews with the infamous trial babies Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson, the provocative Forum on Law, Culture & Society series, Trials & Error, has offered up for the public’s titillation and guilty delight Larry Flynt, infamous for milestone cases dealing with freedom of speech, most prominently including the 1988 US Supreme Court case, Hustler Magazine v. Falwell. The series is helmed by the deft and articulate Fordham legal scholar [John Whelan Distinguished Lecturer in Law], acclaimed author and interlocutor, Thane Rosenbaum; it focuses on high-profile trials that have captured the public imagination, and oozed beyond the courtroom into wider public dialogue and debate. It takes for its bailiwick the ‘big ideas of the day,’ particularly those that present a nexus between law, justice, human rights, and civil society. Under the popular management of series producer Joel Seidemann, a former longtime Assistant DA, and program producer Beth Karas,...(Read Full Article)