Dangerous Times: Obama Surrenders

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche described the “inversion of values” -- how deeply envious people can twist good into evil. Obama has now accomplished a perfect inversion of American values. Putin’s thuggery in the Crimea is rewarded by a slap on the wrist so effete that a Russian politician immediately tweeted “Comrade Obama” to laugh at him. Iran was just rewarded for thirty years of murderous aggression --  thirty years of Death to America! Death to Israel! -- by a total surrender “led from behind” by Our Hero and the Eurosocialist welfare states. Even the abject lickspittles of the Washington Post dared to remind the president that a fantasy foreign policy cannot work -- after spending six years celebrating Obama’s fantasies. Well, two of the biggest bullies in the world just took Obama at his word, Russia and Iran. Bow down to thugs and you will get what you ask for. To top it all, both Obama and John Kerry just went...(Read Full Article)