Dangerous Times: Obama Surrenders

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche described the “inversion of values” -- how deeply envious people can twist good into evil. Obama has now accomplished a perfect inversion of American values. Putin’s thuggery in the Crimea is rewarded by a slap on the wrist so effete that a Russian politician immediately tweeted “Comrade Obama” to laugh at him. Iran was just rewarded for thirty years of murderous aggression --  thirty years of Death to America! Death to Israel! -- by a total surrender “led from behind” by Our Hero and the Eurosocialist welfare states. Even the abject lickspittles of the Washington Post dared to remind the president that a fantasy foreign policy cannot work -- after spending six years celebrating Obama’s fantasies.

Well, two of the biggest bullies in the world just took Obama at his word, Russia and Iran. Bow down to thugs and you will get what you ask for.

To top it all, both Obama and John Kerry just went into a public rage when Israel’s defense minister dared to tell the truth about Obama’s surrender to Iran -- which happens to threaten Israel with nuclear genocide. Our Heroes personally protested to Benjamin Netanyahu for the defense minister’s truth telling. As if Israel is not allowed to defend itself against a clear and present danger to its very existence.

Which means that Obama’s America is now nothing but a bully in foreign affairs, bowing to the thugs and abusing our allies.

The United States and the West achieved an enormous moral victory in the Cold War circa 1990, when Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and John Paul II together forced the Soviet Empire to let go of its European subject peoples -- some of the very nations Putin is now threatening. Those three leaders did so at enormous personal risk -- Reagan and John Paul II were severely wounded in assassination attempts, and the Stalinist Provisional IRA tried to assassinate Maggie Thatcher.

The West won that final confrontation because we represented the moral high ground, as Eastern Europeans and many Russians understood very well.

We rarely talk about the power of morality in international politics, but it is very real indeed.

That’s why Russian propaganda machine instantly started discovering “neo-nazis” in the Ukraine when Putin snatched the Crimea.

Obama is the anti-Reagan. He is the anti-Lincoln and the anti-Truman. Reagan, Lincoln, and Truman never lost track of the moral high ground. This administration has never found it.

What seems to motivate Obama and his kind is a bitter hatred for all that is good and decent in America. It is an inversion of values, driven by demagogues like Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright. That is why Obama concedes everything to Putin and Iran’s Rouhani, and blames Israel and America for their basic moral values. This is the administration of revanchisme, the philosophy of revenge.

Bullies bow down to the biggest thugs on the block, and abuse the weakest. This is now our foreign policy. We are still trying to bully Egypt into accepting the fanatical sect of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has agents planted in this administration. We overthrew a compliant regime in Libya for no apparent reason, and that country is still torn by a civil war we provoked. As a direct result of our immoral aggression, much of the world is now cheering Vladimir Putin for giving Obama a bloody nose.

From the start Obama has bullied and abused those who dissent from his Diktat, ranging from General Motors to the Tea Party. This is a deeply delusional administration, and to sustain its folly it choses to abuse those who tell the truth.

The clear moral stance that won the Cold War has been flipped on its head.

We have lost our moral clarity.

It is high time to stand up to Obama’s bullying --- at home and around the world.

We need another truth-teller to lead us.

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