Bridge(gate)ing the Democrats' Culture of Corruption

This week the indictment and arrests of leading San Francisco and California Democrat politicians follows a long string of corruption cases involving prominent Democrats.  It brings to mind the ridiculous charges by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (echoing Howard Dean) that the Republicans were responsible for a “culture of corruption” and that she, a woman, was going to sweep the Congress clean of it. Included in her litany of things charged as corrupt was the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill which she attacked in a press release and privileged resolution on December 8, 2005: Across the country, seniors are trying to navigate the complicated and confusing Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit; it is complicated and confusing because it was written to meet the needs of drug companies and private insurers, not the needs of Medicare beneficiaries. Today Democrats tried to hold Republicans responsible for the culture of corruption and cronyism that led to this sham of a...(Read Full Article)