Bimbo Politics

Bimbos are drawn to powerful men like moths to the proverbial flame.  Like courtesans, some women will humiliate themselves for power or personal loyalty.  Politics is better than sex because power may get ugly but, unlike sex, power never gets old.  All the same, sex and politics are literally joined at the hip.  Indeed, intern programs in Washington, DC provide an endless supply of young girls (and boys).  Political predators may age but the prey is forever young – and predictably naive.  Politicians, like professors, frequently see sex with youngsters as a perk of office or tenure.  New talent every year is the fountain of youth for aging politicos.  Naomi Wolf’s essay, The Silent Treatment, described her predator experience at Yale University as “a soft spot of (female) complicity.” The G-spot of collaboration might have been a better...(Read Full Article)