A Sane Immigration Policy

There’s no doubt that something needs to be done regarding U.S. immigration policy, as well as in regard to the millions of people who are already living in the country illegally.  The question is and has been “what?” And it now seems that there may be no action taken until after this year’s elections.  The Left’s answer to the ‘what to do question’ is usually fairly blunt: ‘open our borders and give amnesty to anyone who is here illegally.’ The answer from the Right varies depending on far right one wants to lean -- from ‘seal our borders and deport everyone who is here illegally’ to ‘strengthen our border security, revise our immigration policy, come up with a good guest worker policy, and see if we can come up with a fair and just way of resolving the problem of illegal aliens.’  Compounding the immigration policy/illegal alien problem are the political, socioeconomic, and moral...(Read Full Article)