A Good Year for the Pope

March 13 will mark the one year anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, and according to a new Pew poll, American Catholics, and a majority of American non-Catholics, like Pope Francis.  Amongst U.S. Catholics Francis has an 85% “net favorable” rating, while 66% of the U.S. general public has a favorable opinion of him.  In addition, sizable numbers of folk think Pope Francis represents a change for the better.  According to the March 6 poll: “7 out of 10 American Catholics say Pope Francis “represents a major change in direction for the church, a sentiment shared by 56% of non-Catholics. And nearly everyone who says Francis represents a major change sees this as a change for the better.” So much for the good news. The poll also found that it is not clear if there is any kind of ‘Francis effect’ taking place amongst Catholics: “There has been no measurable rise in the percentage of Americans who...(Read Full Article)