Young American & British Muslims

You might have noted that many non-Muslim commentators suggest (or hint) that it's a good thing that Muslims in the U.S. and UK are less 'ethnic' than they used to be. Good for whom, exactly? Well, it could actually a bad thing for non-Muslims because it means that Muslims are more uniform and powerful and therefore more politically dangerous. Indeed this is something that many younger Muslims, especially Islamists, stress. The ummah is a dangerous thing; as Muslims themselves often say (though not in those precise words). When you have Pakistani mosques and Bangladeshi mosques, or even Deobandi and Barelvi mosques, that is a good thing because there is disunity among Muslims. And that's precisely why Islamists, and other Muslims, stress the ummah. A larger and more uniform ummah will give Islamists more power. That is why they detest 'Muslim nationalism' and the 'un-Islamic' stress on Muslim ethnicity. (Though being politicians Islamists, like...(Read Full Article)