Why Eric Holder needs Felons to Vote

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently stated that we must revisit the laws that ban convicted felons from voting. After all, it is depriving them of the opportunity to vote, and all votes must count. While John Fund and Hans Von Spakovsky have extensively written on traditional sources of vote fraud, the recent sources of vote fraud originate with the city, state, and county officials who violate Federal Immigration Laws.  Illegal immigration has become the biggest and most recent strategy used to win elections.  But Democrats still worry about keeping their minority voters, and the felon suffrage issue is the most recent effort, along with resisting voter I.D. laws, to game the ballot box.  Eric Holder is a Democrat and supports the Democratic Party.  Just as Lois Lerner sought to suppress the tax-exempt status of conservative political groups to enable Democrats to gain an advantage in the 2012 election, Eric Holder’s statement was crafted to...(Read Full Article)