Why Eric Holder needs Felons to Vote

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently stated that we must revisit the laws that ban convicted felons from voting. After all, it is depriving them of the opportunity to vote, and all votes must count.

While John Fund and Hans Von Spakovsky have extensively written on traditional sources of vote fraud, the recent sources of vote fraud originate with the city, state, and county officials who violate Federal Immigration Laws.  Illegal immigration has become the biggest and most recent strategy used to win elections.  But Democrats still worry about keeping their minority voters, and the felon suffrage issue is the most recent effort, along with resisting voter I.D. laws, to game the ballot box. 

Eric Holder is a Democrat and supports the Democratic Party.  Just as Lois Lerner sought to suppress the tax-exempt status of conservative political groups to enable Democrats to gain an advantage in the 2012 election, Eric Holder’s statement was crafted to help his party win future elections.

There are two major minority groups, blacks and Hispanics.  While blacks have lived in urban areas for 100 years, the Hispanic population has grown only recently.  And just as Democrats have successfully wrapped up the black vote, they have brought in Hispanics – primarily through illegal immigration -- as another minority group to become part of the minority voting base they feel is essential to winning national elections. 

The majority of blacks live in big cities controlled by Democratic politicians largely black Democratic politicians. This, Democrats say, is necessary since only a black can faithfully understand the needs of African-Americans.  But it’s a tragic fact that as soon as blacks moved North they were confined to black-only ghetto neighborhoods in the big cities of the North.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called this practice “plantation politics.” 

While the Civil Rights Movement for blacks started in the 1950s, by the year 2000 not much had improved: the 2000 Census revealed that 90% of the blacks in the City of Chicago would have to move in order for the city to be truly integrated.  Clearly, Democratic Political leadership in the U.S. has no desire to improve the educational opportunities for blacks.  Since so many now go to prison -– in 2001 22% of all black American men age 35-44 had gone to prison, and the Dept. of Justice estimated that at the rates of 2001 one-third of all black men and one in six Hispanic men would be incarcerated in their lifetimes, Eric Holder must fight to allow them to vote. 

In 1970 the Hispanic population of the U.S. was so low that a category titled “Hispanic” did not appear on the Census Bureau form.  After the first official Sanctuary Policy Executive Order was issued in Chicago in 1985, the illegal Hispanic population exploded.  Today there are nearly as many Hispanics in prison for murder as whites even though Hispanics are only 14% of the U.S. population and whites are 70%. 

Hispanics now share with blacks the same tragic socio-economic environment.  Consequently they suffer a high school dropout rate that is double that of blacks, and a single teenage motherhood rate slightly higher than blacks.  The result is high unemployment. 

Hispanics are now becoming felons at record rates.  The majority of Hispanics in the Federal Court system have been convicted of one of two crimes: immigration violations and drug offenses.  Both crimes are created by the Democratic Party’s strategy of encouraging them to enter the U. S. in violation of the 1996 Immigration Act.  Most (92%) immigration offenders were Hispanic in 2010.

While the two minority groups combined make up only 25% of the U.S. population in 2011 they were of 63% of the sentenced prisoners in State and Federal prisons.

Hispanics are entrapped by the benefits of big cities just as blacks were 100 years ago.  Since so many become involved in crime, the only way for Democrats to keep their votes is to change the laws, just as they changed Immigration law, the citizenship requirement for drivers licenses, and other benefits.  President Obama has shown no reluctance to pick and choose which laws he will and will not obey, as shown by his tweaking of ObamaCare, just as Chicago’s Mayors did not hesitate to violate Federal laws when they created a Sanctuary City out of Chicago. 

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