What Went Right for Israel?

In his book published in 2002, Bernard Lewis asked "what went wrong" in the Islamic world, which had itself become conscious, by comparison with the West, that all was not well in its own society.  As a corollary, it is timely to ask, "What went right in the State of Israel?" The pessimists who proclaim the deterioration of Israel's international standing might remember the old Jewish saying: "What you don't see with your eyes, don't invent with your mouth."  Yes, it is true that prejudiced individuals and groups, bigots, and short-sighted dupes in various sectors of life -- businesses such as the U.K. Co-Operative Group, international organizations such as Oxfam, academic bodies such as the Association for American Studies, mainstream churches such as the Presbyterians and the World Council of Churches, and trade unions such as the Teachers' Union of Ireland -- have succumbed to pressure from those advocating the Palestinian narrative of...(Read Full Article)