'We Were Busy Then'

I don't know about Nero and Rome, and I don't play the fiddle, but I too have been busy doing things. The past decade has been an awakening for some of us, but the damage we allowed during the previous decades does not relieve us of the guilt we bear for our negligence. The decline of The United States of America is no longer in its infancy. Barack Obama calls it the "fundamental transformation," but by whatever term you may prefer for the post hope and change lie, it is now a reality. Yes, it crept on us... but we were busy. Some of the damage was done before my time, but my parents were busy then. When FDR was dragging the nation through an extended depression recovery, my parents were busy raising children and praising the president for his handouts. They were busy, but in their defense the prevailing Socialist ruse seemed a logical solution to those in the depths of poverty. Because of the world war that followed that globally depressed economy, FDR and his social reforms were...(Read Full Article)