Waking Up to Defense Cuts

If you are surprised by this week's announcement of major manpower cuts to the U.S. Army, you haven't been paying attention.  For a long time. There are two components to understanding America's defense spending choices -- the political and the budgetary; they are not the same. The Administration has made the political case clear. Beginning in 2011, President Obama pronounced himself committed to “ending the wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan “responsibly.” The president committed to a turn inward, beginning with a 2011 statement that “the nation we need to build is our own,” coupled with the promise to cut troops deployed abroad in half. The refrain “no boots on the ground,” is the mantra of many administration officials, resurrected again last weekend by Susan Rice regarding limits to U.S. support of rebels in Syria -- although no one appears to have suggested so much as a huarache. Secretary Kerry's...(Read Full Article)