They Call Me Hater

Some of the content in this piece is not appropriate for children. An old man reflects on his life. He was born in a communist country but had the good fortune to immigrate legally to the United States where he worked tirelessly, rising up from penniless immigrant to successful businessman. He could have spent his riches during his lifetime but chose, instead, to save and pass them on to future generations both within and outside of his family. He should not be penalized for such thrift. Yet, there are those who want to appropriate our wealth and property and disperse it as they see fit. They look down on our work ethic, success, wealth, and generosity. They view our resulting enrichment as rightfully belonging to others. Their mantras are income inequality, economic justice and class warfare. We are the 1%, the 99% want to "eat." And they call me hater. A man is elected president. His policies exacerbate the economy, deepen despair, and corrupt the culture. His signature legislation...(Read Full Article)