The Solid Conservative Majority

Two polls in January 2014 confirm what I have written about for quite a while: America -- and this means not just Flyover Country, but nearly all of America -- is solidly conservative. The Battleground Poll shows that a very solid majority of Americans describe themselves as conservative.  This poll has been remarkably accurate in predicting the outcome of elections.  The internal data of the Battleground Poll, unlike many other polls, is publicly reported.  Since 2002, there have been more than twenty Battleground Poll surveys reported by George Washington University, and the results of these polls show big swings in the support for political parties, national priorities, and policy positions.  Yet in every single case, respondents to the Battleground Poll overwhelmingly describe themselves as "conservative." Historically, polls have seldom asked direct questions about ideology, but an interesting exception in past decades has been the...(Read Full Article)