The Metcalf Incident

In more ways than one, our current lifestyle and even our civilization itself depends on slavery. Only these "slaves" aren't human, they are machines -- billions of them at our beck and call. And what feeds the great majority of these man-made slaves is electricity. Electricity supports not just our comfort but also the necessities of life. Without electricity, America could not come close to supporting its current population. Electricity and its benefits has been with us for so long that we tend to take it for granted. That is a mistake. What if the grid were to go down nationally for a week, for months? Imagine what life would be like. The economic damage would be incalculable and in more places than I care to think the social fabric could literally be rent apart. Commonly discussed concerns about the safety of our electrical grid usually center on relatively high-tech attacks like an electromagnetic pulse from an ionospheric nuclear blast or hackers taking down the control...(Read Full Article)