The History of the World in Three Flags

You may learn much about a nation, its past and future, by looking at its flag. Beyond that, flags not only tell us about nations, but they also tell us something about the significance of Western Civilization and what that civilization means to mankind. The ideals of individuality and freedom valued by the ancient Greeks, and the belief in one God who created the universe that comes to us from ancient Israel, are two pillars of Western Civilization. These pillars have held up nations over the course of history. Today, one nation that represents these values in its flag is the United States of America. Nevertheless, there are other visions at work in the world that stand against Western values. The two most significant threats today to Western Civilization are a vision of a bloody and polytheistic past, and an atheistic and materialistic future. These visions are symbolized in the flags of Mexico and the People’s Republic of China. The flag of the People’s...(Read Full Article)