The High Cost of Fracking Regulation

In Europe, where fracking is heavily regulated or prohibited altogether, consumers pay more than twice for natural gas than what they do in America (currently $11.59 per mBtu vs $4.78).  As consumers, businesses, and electric utilities pay more, the result is a stalled economy and lower standard of living.  Thanks in part to its large investment in solar energy, Spain's per capita GDP in current U.S. dollars has dropped from $31,679 in 2010 to $28,624 in 2012. Based on his recent words and actions, Obama wants the same for the U.S. Over half the homes in America heat with natural gas.  Why would the president want to see their heating bills rise by 240%?  The answer, I believe, is that he has other priorities.  The standard of living of ordinary Americans is near the bottom of his list.  Donations from wealthy environmentalists are near the top. Since winning re-election, Obama has gone out of his way to signal his...(Read Full Article)