The Freedom to Fornicate

For the last five years the world has waited with bated breath to discover Obama's real values. Does our first post-modern president really care about democracy in the world? Not much, no: His deep public bow to Chinese President Hu --- the master of occupied Tibet --- took care of that notion. Was an end to war Obama's deepest passion? But an insider book says he boasted that "I'm pretty good at killing people" using drone strikes directed from the White House. Obama's idea of peace is to abandon Afghanistan to the tender mercies of the Taliban. Maybe his legacy would be lasting peace in the Middle East? Nope. Wrong again. On November 24 last year, Obama openly surrendered America and the West to the mullah regime in Tehran. As a direct result, new nuclear powers are rising in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and neo-Ottoman Turkey. Could it be that the leader of the Free World cares about women's rights? But this week our State Department came clean on supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, which...(Read Full Article)