Sochi vs. Squaw Valley

An interesting analogy can be drawn between the Olympics of 2014 in Sochi, Russia and the Olympics of 1960 in Squaw Valley, California. It's one that leaves Sochi looking rather the worse for wear. Sochi and Squaw Valley share two remarkable similarities. In both Squaw Valley and Sochi, there was great controversy when the games were awarded because neither city was remotely qualified to host them. Each had only the most meager of facilities and would be required to build out the entire Olympics compound, including the infrastructure necessary to support it, from the ground up. Many Europeans were absolutely outraged that the International Olympic Committee would dare award the Olympics to the USA over Innsbruck, Austria, the front runner. Many Russia apologists want to overlook the frenzied controversy surrounding the Squaw Valley games when they argue that there's nothing wrong with awarding the Olympics to unqualified countries and that criticism of Russia is exceptional and...(Read Full Article)