Shut up, they explained

The Democrat-Media complex works to in effect silence conservative critics rather than engage their criticisms and debate the issues.  They employ a variety of programs and techniques to ensure that substantive points from the other side will either be ignored, distorted, demonized, or delegitimized.  Shut up, they explained. Most conservatives have personal experiences with this dynamic all the time: friends or family who will not engage in discussions and debates about their liberal beliefs.  Their response: shut up, they explained. But this type of smothering of free speech now is writ large over America. Speech Codes Speech codes on college campuses have been around for decades and are migrating downward towards grade-school and all those pre-schools Barack Obama wants to establish.  Campuses boast of their flourishing diversity -- but not ideological diversity, as conservative teachers and speakers find them to be "No Go" zones.  Barack Obama did...(Read Full Article)