Russia's Best Olympic Event: Downhill Anti-Americanism

An amazing sequence of shockingly sordid anti-American behavior from the Russians has now permanently tarnished their second attempt to host an Olympic Games. Blessed with an absence of feared terrorist events, the Russians had a golden opportunity to introduce the world in general, and Americans in particular, to a people who were different from their stereotype. Instead, they confirmed that stereotype in spades. International Ice Hockey Federation Rule 471(a)(5) states that "no goal shall be allowed [i]f the goal net has been displaced from its normal position, or the frame of the goal net is not completely flat on the ice." During Russia's round-robin match with the United States, an apparent Russian goal was disallowed under Rule 471 following video review because the net had become dislodged prior to the shot. The result was a tied score through overtime and a heartbreaking Russian loss in a dramatic shootout. Russian venom came fast and furious, notwithstanding that they...(Read Full Article)