Rousing Those Moribund 'Monuments Men'

American liberty is under assault as President Obama runs roughshod over a Congress as passive as the statuary adorning its halls. Like our Founders, Congress needs the energizing force of liberty.  They might want to take a retro look at the pivotal scene of Ghostbusters II. In the 1989 film, New Yorkers were dispirited as evil spirits ran amok.  The gang of heroes realized that their "psychomagnotheric" slime guns needed a massive, positive charge to stop the evil force, Vigo, from destroying the city.  Only the sight of the Statue of Liberty moving through the city toward Vigo could generate the energy needed to defeat him.  When Liberty's torch explodes and her big right foot breaks loose from her pedestal on Liberty Island, you know Vigo is going down! It's time to set Lady Liberty loose again.  Obama's lengthening list of unconstitutional executive orders, encroaching on congressional authority by "rewriting" laws and...(Read Full Article)