RoboCop -- A Review

The first RoboCop, made for somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million back in 1987, with Peter Weller and Nancy Allen in the critical roles and directed by the capable Paul Verhoeven, was a hit. A sequel was quickly made in 1990, with Irvin Kershner as director. This being the animation- and action-feature era of films, 15 years is enough passage of time to give a permit for a run at a second potential franchise. It's now 2028, but the plot is still the same: A dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit, and a terminally wounded police officer, Alex Murphy, is engineered by clever scientist Dennett Norton (played by the ever-suspect Gary Oldman) to return to the crime-fighting force as a cyborg, a powerful part-man, part-machine haunted by submerged memories. Norton is managed by Michael Keaton's opportunistic CEO of OmniCorps, Raymond Sellars. All together now: OmniCorps is a multinational conglomerate. Hiss, boo, meh. And we know that though there are bad guys (inside and) outside the...(Read Full Article)