Oblige Government to Control Itself

The Constitutional rights of politically-active citizens across our country are being shredded. As corrupt politicians are engorging on power while trampling over individual rights, it is time to reassert the notion that government's legitimacy derives from abiding by its limited powers, which ultimately flow from the consent of the governed. Beginning with the 112th Congress, Republicans started the tradition of opening Congress by reading the Constitution from the floor of the House. This was more than a symbolic gesture, and given the rampant political corruption in the states, their legislatures also need to affirm constitutionalism. Our founders distrusted mobs, and were equally aghast at prospects of a tyranny of the many as they were the tyranny of the monarchy. John Adams even described some Americans as "vile, detestable and loathsome." Of course, he was mostly referring to the urchins in Philadelphia, particularly those imbibing gin and habituating debauched...(Read Full Article)