Obama: the Pen, Phone, and Failure

Barack Obama is a failure as president, and with a little less than 3 years before he leaves office, people are starting to notice. On the economy, he has presided over the worst economic recovery from recession since WW II, and the lowest labor force participation rate in decades.  He spent a trillion dollars of ‘stimulus,’ rewarding political backers and cronies, while exploding the budget line.  This he touts as a great success, saving the nation from depression and saving or creating 6 million jobs.  The ‘saved or created’ thing is perfect when trying to cast failure as success.  Who can check his numbers?  I myself would have gone with 10 million jobs saved or created, or even 15 million. “Yeah -- that’s the ticket.  Have Jay [Carney] start using the 15 million figure, and maybe in another year we can go to 20 million.  Valerie [Jarrett], what’s my tee time?” Pre-Barry, our budgets were...(Read Full Article)