Obama: the Pen, Phone, and Failure

Barack Obama is a failure as president, and with a little less than 3 years before he leaves office, people are starting to notice.

On the economy, he has presided over the worst economic recovery from recession since WW II, and the lowest labor force participation rate in decades.  He spent a trillion dollars of ‘stimulus,’ rewarding political backers and cronies, while exploding the budget line. 

This he touts as a great success, saving the nation from depression and saving or creating 6 million jobs.  The ‘saved or created’ thing is perfect when trying to cast failure as success.  Who can check his numbers?  I myself would have gone with 10 million jobs saved or created, or even 15 million.

“Yeah -- that’s the ticket.  Have Jay [Carney] start using the 15 million figure, and maybe in another year we can go to 20 million.  Valerie [Jarrett], what’s my tee time?”

Pre-Barry, our budgets were in the $2+ trillion range and now they are in the $3+ trillion range. 

By the end of his second term, he will have added more to the national debt than every president before him, combined. 

Now, Barack Obama, with the release of his new budget, has proclaimed an end to this era of austerity.

Let me explain Barry’s understanding of austerity.  During his entire first term, the White House has maintained an official dog walker, making in excess of $100K a year.  In all fairness, the position required 24-hour coverage. 

Bo needed to be walked.

Do not get me get started on a man who names his dog after himself.  I would rather opine on how apropos it is.  The same thing comes out of both of them, except with the dog it’s easier to clean up.

Anyway, recently the Obamas have gotten another dog, and even after having elevated both to a position where they eat off the White House china, while many can barely afford to fill their paper plates, they still need to be walked.

Instead of hiring another dog walker, the Obamas will make do with just the one.

That’s austerity, Obama style.  He suffers so for our sins.                                         

Barry, who moves through life in much the same way a Roman emperor did ages ago, is making do with only 1 dog walker for his 2 dogs -- and it is all paid for by the same taxpayers who couldn’t keep their healthcare or there 29+ hours a week employment. 

For a lousy $100K of taxpayer funds, the electorate gets around the clock presidential poop control -- at least as far as the dogs are concerned.  

We have come to a time in the Obama presidency where most people are forced to acknowledge his failure as chief executive.  Sure, you have the ‘no one gave him a chance’ crowd -- and, the ‘it was all racist’ cabal -- and, of course, the ‘it’s Bush and the Republicans’ claque, but the discussion seems to have changed from “he’s not a failure,” to “he’s a failure, but it’s not his fault.”

It’s obvious now, to even the casual observer that you cannot keep your health plan, and thanks to Barry if you still have a job in this economy, it probably is not fulltime employment.  So what?  You will just have to get another part-time job.

The president’s lame duck-ness has progressed to terminal.  He rails against inequality, yet all his policies and proclamations (you know, from the pen and phone) have only sought to address the issue by making the non-poor poorer, and not by making the non-rich richer.  If no one has anything, indeed we are much more equal.

Obama has attempted to transform America from an equal opportunity society to an equal outcome society.  He has tried to make income inequality less severe by making everyone poorer.

His remaining years as president will be consumed by executive orders and regulation.

For example:

His EPA is trying to regulate the coal industry out of business.  Coal provides 37% of our electricity.  Do not be alarmed, he is replacing that generating capacity with…well, nothing.  You see, skyrocketing the price of electricity was an objective not a side effect.  If you can’t afford it, you won’t use it. 

The goal is to push Americans out of single-family homes into high-density cities, where tiny, cubicle-like apartments, clustered around mass transit will become the norm.  In these progressive Shangri-Las, no one will own a car, which is a good thing since Barry has doubled the price of gasoline in his first term and will probably double it again before the end of his second.  

If we are lucky, someone will filet Mignon Clyburn, head of the FCC, before she can put a ‘monitor’ in every newsroom.  Barry cannot abide news organizations deciding what stories to run, especially ones deriding him.  Father knows best -- the FCC will tell them what to publish -- or else.

The proposal to send an apparatchik into every newsroom and newspaper office to investigate why and how reporters and editors decide which stories run is Orwellian, even to regime supporters. 

“Dear Leader, George Orwell called, he wants his 1984 back.”

It’s a given that the NSA spies on, basically… everyone (to everyone’s chagrin).  Therefore, what was a recent regime proposal?  They wanted to track every single car in America by its license plate.  

This is an Obama tick, taking something that was unpopular or something that has failed, and doubling down on it. 

This is how we got ObamaCare.

This disaster will accrue misery, as the program is incrementally implemented, eventually touching every American, punishing 95% of citizens in service of the 5% it was designed to help, eventually resulting in more Americans without healthcare than when the program was rammed down the throat of America promising universal coverage.  In addition, the CBO has estimated that the ACA will cost 2.5 million less man-hours of employment and an additional trillion dollars.   

Now we are free from job-lock, which is obamaspeak for a condition by which one works to feed his family and provide healthcare.  Now, with insurance assured, there is no need to work, better to sit on the porch drinking a cup of hope and change. 

Voila, free at last, free at last, good God almighty, free at last!

Internationally, he led from behind in Libya, setting the table for us to get our behinds kicked in Benghazi, where four brave Americans lost their lives. 


He friended the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  When they started showing their dictatorial ways, and were ousted by the military, he doubled down -- in the end, managing to have both sides hate us. 


He failed to get a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq, wasting a decade of American blood and toil and dumping the nation in Iran’s lap (is that even allowed in the Koran?).


He is desperately trying to negotiate an agreement with Iran over their nuclear weapons program, while they laugh at him, along with the rest of the world.  It is clear that the Iranians will get a nuclear weapon unless the Israelis can stop them.


Under Barack Obama, our friends and enemies alike view the president, and by extension the nation, as weak and vacillating (see Syria). 

Everyone knows that the only people who fear Barack Obama are Americans.

The Chinese know they have only the next 3 years to make their move for hegemony in the South China Sea.  The clock is ticking.

Clearly, the world will be a much more dangerous place in 2017 than it was in 2008.

It’s sad but this has become a ‘saved or created’ presidency.

However, don’t worry, the guy has a pen and a phone -- so do most 11 year olds, Barry…

Anyway, I never did get the whole “phone” thing.  I mean that if he is planning on ruling by decree, all he really needs is the pen, right?  Besides, with the economy and ObamaCare, who’s he going to call, Ghostbusters? 

Yes, I’m that old.

Let’s face it, if the man weren’t president, who would want to talk to him anyway? 

“I know Barry, you’re brilliant, you’re transformative, you’ve got better game than Lebron, you’re going to halt the rise of the oceans… sorry, got to go, I think my other line is ringing.”


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