Obama and Executive Orders

Barack Obama announced in his 2014 State of the Union Address that he intends to bypass Congress "whenever and wherever" to achieve his extreme left-wing goals. Evidently, Obama intends to govern by executive orders (EO's). EO's are usually defined as directives that either implement or interpret a federal law, a constitutional provision, or a treaty. Obama has threatened to issue executive orders to make policy, a different use of them. A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll (1/20-23/14) found that 52% of the public approve of a president's use of EO's, while 46% oppose. Opinions about EO's are highly dependent on partisanship. Sixty-nine percent of Democrats approve of EO's, and 30% oppose. Republicans divide 63% in opposition, while 36% approve. Independents are evenly split. (One wonders how much people really know about EO's, but let that question pass for now.) Could it be that Obamians anticipate confronting Republicans in control of both houses of Congress for the last two...(Read Full Article)