'Neoliberalism'? They Mean Capitalism!

Last year George Monbiot, that personification of a Guardianista, (independent school, Oxford, then the Leftist establishment), wrote an article about the unadulterated evil that is capitalism. However, he never once uses the word 'capitalism' in the piece. Instead, he uses the words "neoliberal" and "neoliberalism". The article itself is titled 'If you think we're done with neoliberalism, think again'. George Monbiot's piece is full of bogus statistics (not outright lies; just dissimulations) and ill-defined concepts (such as "recession") which are simply used as subtle ways to fire-up his fellow naïve, "anti-capitalist" Guardianistas. In fact the article is more or less a paean to (democratic) communism; or, at the very least, a paean to greened-up socialism/collectivism. But as with "capitalism" earlier, Monbiot never uses the word "socialism" either (not even "green socialism"). Take the following lines. They could have come straight out of the Communist Manifesto; except for...(Read Full Article)