Is the GOP Already Dead?

It seems congressional Republicans may have, once again, been talked off the ledge, and convinced to crawl back in the window on immigration reform. For now, at least, they are off suicide watch. But it seems every year or two the American people need to intervene, grab them by the ear, and drag them kicking and screaming away from the window again. It may be, however, that they're not suicidal after all. Rather, consciously or not, the GOP leadership may have come to realize they're already dead. The most popular explanation for Republicans' recent support for amnesty has been pressure from big donors in the business community, including the Chamber of Commerce, who are salivating over the prospect of a flood of cheap legal labor. While this explanation is true in large part, a dreadful outlook for the party may also be to blame. The chances of meaningful Republican control at the federal level for the foreseeable future are dismal, at least as the term "Republican" has been...(Read Full Article)