Illegal Immigration and the Catholic Addiction to the Democratic Party

Many Catholics in Chicago are addicted to the Democratic Party the same way a Hollywood actor may be addicted to heroin.  For some, this addiction is so strong that it may be said, to turn a phrase, that the Catholic Church in Chicago is the Democratic Party at prayer. Consider the recent statement by Chicago's Francis Cardinal George.  Ellyn Fortino reports in Illinois Progress that "Cardinal George, the archbishop of Chicago, joined Former House Speaker Hastert in support of a pathway to citizenship. He also called on the federal government to halt deportations. 'We should end deportations because they break up families, and the family, not the individual, is the basic unit of our society,' George told reporters in remarks after the event, held at DePaul University." Francis Cardinal George is not alone in his support for an end to deportation and for amnesty for illegal aliens.  Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York holds a similar...(Read Full Article)