How International Conventions Jeopardize National Security

A visit to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry evokes some reservations about and challenges about the accusations and charges of war crimes against Israel for violating the international Geneva Conventions, 1929 and 1949. The Museum features the remarkable display of the German U Boat 505, the ship that was hunting American and Allied shipping during War II in the area off the coast of West Africa. The U Boat, the only submarine ever captured by the U.S. fleet, was captured dramatically by the American destroyer USS Chatelain in June 1944 and towed to Bermuda. The significance is that the American navy captured not only the entire crew but also seized two Enigma machines, the devices that enabled encoding of German secret messages. Realizing the significance of the Enigmas, Rear Admiral Ernest J. King, Chief of Naval Operations and Commander in Chief of the U.S Fleet, issued an order to keep the capture of U Boat 505 secret. He did not want the Nazis to realize that their...(Read Full Article)