Homosexual Marriage and the Conceit of Arenda L. Wright Allen

The people's will has been trampled yet again by a federal judge.  The Commonwealth of Virginia, you see, has no right to a law banning homosexual marriage.  So decided Obama-appointed judge, the Honorable Arenda L. Wright Allen.  Judge Wright Allen's opinion is subject to appeal. Judge Wright Allen serves on the bench in the federal district court out of Norfolk.  She's been on the job less than three years.  Her nomination won unanimous support in the Senate (that means Republican votes, too).  Her claim to fame is being the first black federal judge to serve in Virginia.  Why that means anything to anyone anymore is better explained by the mainstream media, which fancies that the nation still suffers in some pre-civil rights miasma.  Particularly in the South, where to the liberal mind, In the Heat Night plays out ad nauseam.     The judge's ruling was as predictably...(Read Full Article)