Healthcare Slavery

This week and last we learned from Democrats that Obamacare is society's latest liberating influence.  Americans can stop and smell the roses now that they are unshackled from the adult responsibility of providing for their own basic necessities.  The need to perform honest yet unpleasant or even difficult work is a thing of the past.  Free at last! However, those of us who work for a living are feeling a lot less liberated now that we must subsidize the sabbaticals of those who vote for a living. In 1858, other Democrats were living a "liberated" life at least somewhat similar to their moral and intellectual descendants of today, who tout the ideal of a good life with little or no work, supported by the involuntary exertions of others.  Slaveholders, subsidized by the sweat of slaves, were free from the need to perform unpleasant, menial, and strenuous work.  They justified their theft with moral preening and claims of their moral and intellectual...(Read Full Article)