Evangelicals: Alone and Exiled in Hollywood

Her story is the stuff Hollywood films are made of. She is a severely disabled woman with an inspiring story and the singer of a sweet song entitled "Alone and Yet Not Alone," a piece about the person who stood by her side and helped with her struggles.  The song was recently nominated for an Academy Award. The singer is Joni Earekson Tada, who was left a quadriplegic at age 17 after a diving accident crippled her for life.  She can't even use her hands.  But despite her disability, she became an artist, an author, and a speaker.  A strong and powerful advocate for the disabled, she has inspired millions.  But for the Hollywood elite, there is a big catch to Joni's story. She is a devout evangelical Christian, and the person she is singing about is God.  Those two facts evidently have been enough to put her and her song on the Academy's Black List.  Of course, that's not how the Academy puts it.  It's all...(Read Full Article)