Enforce North Korea Sanctions

The United States Congress should pass H.R. 1771, the North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act of 2013, which is currently in committee.  Sanctions restrict the export to and import from North Korea of goods and technology for the use, development, or acquisition of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.  Sanctions also ban the export of luxury goods to North Korea, a tactic that could help undermine the North Korean regime, which bribes its VIPs in Pyongyang with imported luxury goods while people in the countryside starve. The people of North Korea are suffering, with perhaps millions going hungry and almost all denied their basic human rights.  There is no freedom of speech in North Korea, as the brutal Kim family regime (“KFR”) that governs North Korea imprisons or executes its critics.  There is no freedom of religion in North Korea, as people can be sent to the gulag simply for owning a Bible.  And of course there is no economic freedom...(Read Full Article)