Deconstructing the Socialists

The recent obituary of Pete Seeger in the Chicago Tribune (h/t prompted me to revisit a thought that I've had for some time: Seeger was also known for his liberal politics and for refusing to testify to Congress about his time in the Communist Party . . . and his lifelong belief that songs could and should be used to build a sense of community to make the world a better place. This reminded me that I had never seen an obituary written the following way: S/he was born into a poor family. An avowed capitalist s/he built a fortune from nothing to become one of the area's wealthiest people. Through consistent generosity and philanthropy, s/he made the world a better place. Communists seeks to make the world a better place, but capitalists by implication represent the richest 1% who give nary a whit about the improvement of the nation or its people. In this popular national myth the 1% is a "Scrooge McDuck" diving into his vault of gold coins (think Occupy...(Read Full Article)