Climate Parasites: The Answer to 'Climate Change Deniers'

It is a basic principle of psychological warfare that the side that controls the language of the argument controls the argument.  Barack Obama's own website is using this PsyWar technique by calling opponents of his cap and trade agenda "climate change deniers."  He has also used the financial resources of the federal government, such as, to marginalize everybody who doesn't agree with him as a climate change denier. Democrats Sheldon Whitehouse, Harry Reid, and Peter DeFazio also have followed Joseph Goebbels's advice to the effect that if you tell a big lie vigorously and often enough, people will believe it.  All have used the phrase "climate change deniers," on websites paid for by the federal government, to spread the message that anybody who opposes the cap and trade scam is a knuckle-dragging troglodyte. No educated and rational person denies, contrary to the implication of "climate change deniers," that climate change is part of...(Read Full Article)