Barack Obama's Transformational Moment

President Barack Obama said he did not want just to be president but a "transformational president," and as he starts his sixth year in office, one must acknowledge how he has transformed both the presidency and America itself. Under Obama, the executive branch abused power beyond what got Richard Nixon out of office on the threat of impeachment. It sent spy agencies after U.S. citizens and reporters, used tax authority to hurt political foes, and dispatched the Justice Department to aid friends (Black Panthers or Muslim groups) and to punish/threaten those it viewed as unfriendly. "I have a pen and a phone," President Obama repeated several times in recent weeks, promising to enlarge his use of presidential decrees and "findings" beyond anything done by presidents before him, such as appointing most of the Federal Trade Commission or the National Labor Relations Board without congressional approval. Indeed, President Obama acted as if he were Chief Justice Obama as well as House...(Read Full Article)