An Impoverished, Benighted Quagmire

Is Russia a child, a barbarian, or a fossil? It seems a purely academic question, because no matter what the answer, the consequences are the same: Doom. But still, since this is my 100th column for the American Thinker, on this occasion it is perhaps appropriate to take a philosophical view of Russia and try to see the big picture as accurately as possible. As the Winter Games opened in Sochi, Russia, last week, an event that was supposed to burnish Russia's image turned out to tarnish it even more. The water was brown or yellow (visitors were warned it was too dangerous even to use on your face, much less to drink), feral dogs roamed streets and hotel rooms (which few could get, even when reserved, including CNN), and the bathrooms were a comic nightmare unto themselves (visitors were told they could not flush used toilet paper but had to throw it in the trash can). Putin's whole point in staging these games was to prove to the world that Russia could avoid exactly this kind of...(Read Full Article)