What Senators Should Be

The Founding Fathers intended senators to be guardians of state governments.  The 17th Amendment gutted this purpose.  The Founders also intended senators to be wise, thoughtful, and independent, with this purpose reflected in the higher constitutional age limit for senators compared to members of the House of Representatives, as well as the former's longer term of office.  That second purpose seems today to have been almost completely lost as well -- but only almost completely. Most senators are mere ciphers, like Harry Reid, pursuing sound bites and special interests.  Some are quite literally comedians, like Al Franken.  Among Democrats, it is hard to find anyone in the last twenty years who remotely resembles the sort of noble and honest senators envisioned in the Constitution.  Zell Miller, who left the Senate, seems like such a Democrat, but who else could join him?  Joe Lieberman, perhaps, but he was purged...(Read Full Article)