What Obama's 'Making Sure' of

One of President Obama's less-noticed verbal tics is his frequent use of the expression "make sure." He recently proclaimed: "Talk is cheap and we've gotta actually make sure we can do it."  The "it" in that opening statement of his "Promise Zones" speech was to "help more Americans get ahead" -- beginning with the extension of unemployment benefits. Besides the fact that Obama's talk is actually anything but "cheap" -- the unemployment extension alone will cost billions -- have you noticed how frequently he and other politicians use the phrase, "make sure"?  Last week, in his brief remarks on the unemployment issue, Obama said "make sure" five times; in the Promise Zones speech, seven. This week, Obama reassured his cabinet with the phrase no less than five times in under two minutes.  The primary goal of his "pen-and-phone strategy" that won't wait for legislation -- "to make sure that we are providing Americans the kind of help that they need." "Make sure" was...(Read Full Article)