Three Fortunate Sons and the Humiliation of the Military

Representing the strongest nation on earth, Americans fought and died for the sake of Vietnam, a weak and distant nation, to prevent communist domination.  My brother served in Vietnam, and I have worked with hundreds of Vietnam veterans.  I have never spoken to one who is entirely at peace with his service, or who fully credits America's role in trying to prevent the communist takeover of southeast Asia.  I am convinced that many of the few thousand people who actually watch MSNBC are Vietnam vets, understandably embittered to this day.  These not so fortunate sons, who have not claimed the honor they rightfully won, sit at the feet of MSNBC spikey-haired androgynites, and on their walkers and nasal cannulae, they ask, "What were we there for?" Among Vietnam veterans are three highly decorated men who hold the highest levels of power -- John McCain, John Kerry, and Chuck Hagel.  While anti-American, anti-military feelings have been...(Read Full Article)