The Three Christs of Obamanism

I start with an apology to faithful Christians  who believe in one Christ the Savior.  This column is not about religion, but about a classical psychological study of three mental patients in Ypsilanti, Michigan, each of whom believed he was the true Christ.  The study appeared in 1964, called The Three Christs of Ypsilanti. Milton Rokeach, who conducted the study, was one of the most brilliant social psychologists of the 20th century, focusing on the crucial question: why are human beings so prone to delusional beliefs?  Why do we gamble everything we love on plain falsehoods? World War II was provoked, after all, by leaders of major countries who were profoundly delusional, hateful, and murderous -- in Japan, the USSR, Germany, and Italy.  Stalin was diagnosed as a paranoid by a famous Soviet psychiatrist who knew him well, V.M. Bekhterev.  Bekhterev was promptly executed for his diagnosis. The question of delusions...(Read Full Article)